Saturday, June 21, 2014

Home Alone

And no disasters, unlike the movie!!!  LOL!

This is the first day in 5 weeks that I’ve been at home, in the house, all by myself.  Grizz is getting around better and better, and had a dentist appointment this morning.  Because the office is local, I could just drop him off to pick him up later (another week before he’s allowed to drive himself).  He decided to walk from the dentist over to the barber shop, and call me when he was finished there.

So what did I do with my time?  Did I clean house?   Nope!  Did I sew?  Nope!  Did I catch up on reading?  Nope!  Did I coffee with friends?  Nope!  Did I work on some genealogy?  Nope!  Did I tackle any of the pile of projects waiting for me?  Nope!

I made the mistake of opening an on-line game site that I check every so often, and got myself embroiled in a game that stole the time away from me.

I do so enjoy Escape Games – but really, folks, don’t follow my lead unless you really do have the time to waste.  Most games are usually just 15-30 minutes to play, this one though was extra long.

Talking about games, though, I do love puzzles of almost every kind – jigsaw, crossword, logic, quilts – and I can get lost when I get caught up in them.  Every morning (and I excuse this by reasoning that using my brain is warding off Alzheimer’s), I play a crossword puzzle online.  I used to do the ones in the newspaper, but since we started getting the paper on-line, can’t do those any longer.  For a while I played the crossword on FB, but it became not so user-friendly.  Then I found the Reader’s Digest crossword, and get my ‘fix’ daily.

You may have noticed on my side-bar that I’ve added a crossword puzzle.  I can’t remember where I found it, but it was advertised to be put on web-sites, so I tried it and it worked.  It’s there for any of you who may like to do a simple crossword puzzle.  And it is simple, just something to pass a few minutes of time.

Now, though, I WILL go and get some quilting done!

Happy puzzling!                     Blessings, Peg

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