Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy 65 Years

On Saturday, some of the family and a few friends gathered to celebrate with my parents the coming occasion of their 65th anniversary!

Today is actually their date, but weekends work better for get-togethers, plus several of us had commitments that precluded actually gathering ON the day. 

But we had a wonderful time!  The immediate family that couldn’t be there, and much of the extended family and friends sent greetings, and one of my sisters was able to make a Skype call.  PM Stephen Harper sent his greetings as well, thanks to the efforts of my sister (there will be more coming, but time was short and this was the only one to arrive on time).

We read aloud all the cards and greetings that were received, and then read a letter my mother had written to my father – such love, and so many memories!

So today, special greetings and congratulations to my parents, Margaret and Frank, on this day that is uniquely theirs to celebrate!011

And their plans for today???  They’re going to the PNE, where they would have gone back in the days when they were courting.  And then they have a small bottle of champagne to toast each other!

Congratulations   Mom and Dad!     

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