Thursday, February 6, 2014

Special Mail

We came home from our trip to Alberta to meet our little granddaughter to find a notice from the post office that there was a parcel waiting.  Oh, goodie!

A few weeks ago elizabethd at Cornish Cream had announced a ‘little giveaway’, and much to my delight my name was chosen.  This is what was in the parcel:

Daphne’s Diary magazine.  I understand this is a fairly new publication in Great Britain, and I was intrigued by elizabethd’s description of it and couldn’t resist entering the contest:


On opening the magazine, I found a couple of envelopes and a lavender sachet tucked inside.  Oooh, squeal!  More goodies:


Inside the large envelope, a card fronted with a picture from the Cornwall area where elizabethd lives – now more than ever I want to visit there:


Inside the small envelope, 2 tea samples, and a hand-made bookmark.  Now how did she know I’m a music lover?  This will go in my book right away, and the next cooler day when I’m wanting a cup of tea while I’m reading said book, one of these will just fit the bill:


The sachet has already found its way in amongst my ‘pretties’.

Inside the magazine, at first glance I was stopped right away with this poem.  How apt just now as we’ve greeted our first grandchild a few days ago:


It’s pretty tiny writing so for those of you who, like me, run around looking for glasses to see what needs to be seen, I’ve copied it out below.

The magazine is full of party ideas, decorating suggestions, some crafts, just lots of things to spark the imagination and get the creative juices running.  There is even a page of peel and stick labels:


And some cut-out coasters, and more book marks.  This magazine is going to keep me occupied for some time to come!

Thank you elizabethd!  I’m truly delighted!  And thank you too for the extras that you tucked into the parcel, so thoughtful and generous!

Happy parcels!                 Blessings Peg                 (poem follows)


You’re so very tine, innocent, pure.                 You laugh and you cry, still feeling unsure.

Just a sweet little baby, so mild and so meek.    You don’t know any rules. You’ve not yet learned to speak.

Soon you’ll get bigger, then you’ll be taught     How you should live and to do what you ought.

You’ll have to behave as you know you should    And at school you will learn that an ‘A’ grade is good.

You’ll find out about life, one day you might marry.                                                You’ll work nine to five and raise your own family.

All at once you have grown, it all goes too fast, The innocence gone, it can never last.

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