Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Family Times

As our children were growing, we had regular family get-together’s for all the major holidays and everybody’s birthdays.  But now that all of our children are adults, and we’re a little more scattered about, these times are a little less frequent.

So when we do have the chance, we thoroughly enjoy these times.  This past weekend was an opportunity.  Two families were camping at a nearby campground (Grizz and I waited too long to try to get a reservation), and the rest of us dropped in to visit – and eat, of course!


All efforts were made to try and keep cool, and we had to shuffle chairs around every so often to escape the heat of the sun.  But apparently it got cool enough late in the evening to have a campfire – by which time were home sitting in front of our own fans!

Happy family times!                    Blessings, Peg

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