Sunday, February 16, 2014

Monday’s ‘Musement

Do you sing in the shower?  I do – and never once worried about this:

I’d worry more about the broken hip from the slip than about the paramedics.  They’ve already seen it all, so there are no surprises in store for them if they do have to come and help you out (pun intended).  If you have room to dance in your shower, I say go for it!  Enjoy, sing, shout, gyrate, dance – it’s your shower and nobody’s watching……but put down a non-slip mat just in case!!!

Or do you like to sing in the car?  Years ago somebody said to me that she would never sing in the car in case somebody thought she was talking to herself.  Does that really matter?  I sing in the car lots, whether by myself or with others, when those catchy tunes come on the radio.  And lots of times, I’m bobbing my head, shaking my shoulders, swaying back and forth – if I could I’d get up and dance.  But then Mr. Policeman might object.  Let’s all just sing when we feel like it, but keep those hands on the wheels and eyes on the road!


Actually we’re doing some happy dances around our house these days.  The news is out – we’re expecting a grandchild!   So much joy!  So much excitement!  So much anticipation! 

There’s a little reservation along with it all, because last year our twin grand-daughters were born way too early and only lived a short time, and since then there have been two other miscarriages amongst our children.  But now, we’re past the danger stage for miscarriage, doctors are very involved in doing everything they can to ensure health and safety of mom and baby (not that they weren’t before but things happen), and the ultrasounds show a very healthy, active ‘lil bud’.

So I’m singing in the shower and in the car – practicing nursery songs and lullabies.

Happy singing!              Blessings, Peg

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