Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monday’s ‘Musement

Christmas is coming! 

On the news a few days ago, somebody said ‘it’s only 14 months until Christmas next year.’

Oh, man, how am I ever going to be ready?!!?  That’s a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’, but it surely seems like Christmas is the main topic in media and a lot of every-day conversations earlier and earlier every year.

November 1, the Halloween candy bags are not even sorted, let alone eaten, and there’s some kid on TV wants me to get my Pot-o-gold chocolates for the ‘holidays’. 

(Just had to use this photo, as this is the box that I remember from my childhood – oops, did I just tell you how old I am?)

In fact, I guess, because US Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away, they’re all preparing for that (same as we start preparing for Canadian Thanksgiving a few weeks ahead) which is the beginning of the holiday/Christmas season for them.  Okay, so fair enough, most of our TV comes from the US, and we get their advertising.  It just seems a shame to have that focus so much ahead of time.

Having said that, I do ‘shop’ for Christmas almost all year.  I’m not a shopper by nature, so when I’m out there, especially on our travels, if I see something that would be a perfect gift for somebody, I pick it up.  There’s a nice little stash of goodies usually by this time of year.  And the Christmas Craft fairs have begun, so we went to the first one on Saturday – they’re just too hard to resist, and we meet up with so many old friends at these events.


Also, I generally have a Christmas-related stitching project on the go, and that of course would have to start well ahead of time.  This year, my project started in August, after I completed a years-long cross-stitch project

And it’s ready – almost, just a little more tidy-up on the back – but we put it on the mantle to get a picture: 007

I’ll put ‘snow’ and some village pieces on top.  I’m really pleased with how this turned out.  Here are a couple of close-ups, so you can see the embellishments:

Mantel close-up3Mantel close-up 1

Mantel close-up2

Sorry, but the beading doesn’t sparkle in the pics the way it actually does.  No matter, I’m very happy with it!

Happy Christmas season, no matter how early it starts!   Blessings, Peg

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