Friday, February 14, 2014

It’s a Mystery

I love a mystery or a puzzle – read mystery fiction, watch mysteries on TV, do mystery jigsaw puzzles (when I can get my hands on them), do crossword and logic puzzles, create quilts and, yes, do the occasional mystery quilt.  There’s just something about figuring out how everything fits together that suits my curious and ‘tidy’ personality.

But we have one mystery in our house right now that I don’t think I can solve.

Yesterday, we finally made our way over to the mail box to pick up all the accumulation from our away-Christmas.  Lots of last-minute cards had arrived, and among them this one:


Aren’t they cute!

The hand-written greeting inside wishes us a wonderful Christmas and happy 2014.  And that’s it!  No signature!  And we don’t recognize the hand-writing.  There’s no return address on the envelope, no stamp either, although it’s been cancelled.  Because of the cancellation, we know that it was sent from BC, but we tried to look up the postal code with no success.  And because it came through the mail, we’re sure it wasn’t a neighbor, because we all hand-deliver our cards in this neighborhood.  We’re stumped!

So happy to receive cards, so happy to know people wish us well and want to stay in touch.  Sure would like to know, though, who sent this one.  Somebody was obviously busy and distracted when they sent it out.

Truly a mystery – and possibly one that can’t be solved – unless there’s a reader out there who wants to ‘fess up!

Happy puzzling!                   Blessings, Peg

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