Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monday’s ‘Musement

I laughed till I peed my pants!

I guess, according to this, I’m not a real woman. 

My house is only clean for the first 5 minutes after I clean it, and I refuse to clean every 5 minutes.  Organized – well, yes, if nobody else moves anything from where I put it. 

I’m dressed… noon each day, well-dressed only on occasion.  And my hair only looks ‘done’ for the first 5 minutes after I leave the hairdresser, and then it’s anybody’s guess what the style is.

I behave gracefully for the first 5 minutes in all circumstances, other than that, well, let’s just say I have my own way of doing things.   And, yes, I’ve been known to swear, but let’s not go there!

Patience – well, sigh, if I have to wait, have to understand, have to tolerate, have to agree for 5 minutes…..then yes, I have all the patience in the world, and I smile through it all, yes, I do, that smile is painted on my face and nobody and nothing will take it away for at least 5 minutes.  There’s always something nice about everybody in the first 5 minutes after meeting them, isn’t there???

It’s a dream, and I can aspire to a dream, and dream that it’ll come true someday.  In the meantime, I just keep trying.  Maybe someday I’ll get there.

Happy dreams!                  Blessings, Peg

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