Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Have a Niece

Actually I have several, all talented unique lovely young women, but today I want to tell you about just one of them.

B is very smart – once figured out some kind of math behind some kind of physics that we use every day (I’m lucky to figure out the math behind my bank account); very crafty – spins and weaves and knits and creates all kinds of things; very ecologically-minded – saves and reuses and recycles absolutely everything that she can.

Earlier this year, B moved to Nanaimo BC and promptly got a job in a quilt shop, Serge and Sew.  She had made a quilt or two in the past, and I’d thought she’d done a great job on them.  Well, here’s the picture of one she just recently made for a shop sample:

I think that’s worth a WOW or two, don’t you!

So if you’re ever over in Nanaimo, look up Serge and Sew, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in their offerings.

Happy to have nieces (and nephews, too)!             Blessings, Peg

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