Friday, May 30, 2014


A little while ago, I posed the question, ‘What do you do with your time?’  It was rhetorical, because it came with an inspirational video to make one think about time and how it’s spent.

I had intended following up with some of the results of my time-spending, but it just never happened.  Looking back, I see that I haven’t shared anything substantial for quite a while, so today is a little bit of catch-up.

Fairly early in September my brother, SIL and niece came for a visit, and we all trekked over to Wayward Pines.

118.Visiting Wayward Pines with M, V and Eryn

You may remember previous posts about this ‘town’, which is actually a film set that has transformed the main street in our little town.  As a matter of fact, as the three of them drove through on their way to our house, my SIL was heard to exclaim on the shoe shop, the toy shop, the candy shop, with full intent to spend a day shopping.  Well, window shopping was all we could do in most of the shops, but it was fun.  But we all wanted to ride the carousel:


Mid-September is always Fair Time here, and we were home for a change and able to head over to enjoy the displays, the animals, the entertainment – and of course, eat some corn on the cob:




The quilts were inspiring


Somebody did some research on quilting history – just a reminder of the sister-(and brother-) hood to which we all belong:



In the meantime Grizz has had total knee replacement surgery, spent all of 48 hours in the hospital, and now we (and it IS we because he’s not allowed to drive yet) do physio runs twice a week.  He’s recovering nicely, every day gets a bit better, and I have had to become a nag to make him remember to use his cane (not that nagging is that much of a stretch).

Then our Sadie got a GI infection, which laid her low for a couple of days and meant a trip to the vet – not her favorite place to go, but they always do a fabulous job making her feel better, just wish we could explain it to her:


September quilting time was spent getting a few tops sandwiched and quilted, and now these are complete:

A Linus blanket for a (kind-of) nephew:

120.Colton's Linus blanket

A baby blanket for a niece who has joined the family

121.Noella's quilt

A table topper for a house-warming gift:


There are a few more now just waiting for binding to be finished.

Also been working on Linda’s Stash-buster Challenge – 7 blocks now completed:DSCN9937DSCN9936


Between times, I continue to do some needlework, some genealogy, lots of reading, and of course waste some of that time I mentioned at the top of this post just playing on the computer.

I think that catches up – will try to let you all in on our activities a little more regularly!

Happy fall!            Blessings, Peg

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