Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wednesday’s Words and Hodgepodge

It’s that time of the week again.  If you want to join in or just read other Hodgepodge posts, click the link on my right-hand sidebar.

1. What lesson has failure taught you?

Mostly I think I’ve learned (sometimes not so well) that God is in charge, that He has a plan, that I need to leave it all in His hands.

2. What decision are you glad you made?

Only one?  Probably the best decision of my life was the choice to follow Jesus Christ – since then I have always been aware that if a door closes, He will open a window. 

3. I've been a little bit surprised to see fully lit and decorated Christmas trees popping up for the past several weeks in friend's Instagram feeds. So tell the truth-is your tree up and decorated, and if so when did that happen? If not when will you be decking the halls?

Our tree is NOT up.  As much as I love Christmas and the decorations, I find that I get tired of them after a few weeks.  We always wait until First Advent to put up the Advent wreath, and then Dec. 1 to decorate the rest of the house.  This year, these happen to be the same day.  Our decorations stay up until Jan. 6, a Lutheran tradition from my mother-in-law, honoring the arrival of the Magi to the stable, and acknowledging the 12 days o Christmas.

4. Solitaire-poker-rummy-hearts-go fish-Old Maid...which game of cards would you most want to join?

Rummy!  We played it by the hour with my family and friends when I was growing up.  Now we play Pinochle with friends on a regular basis.  So much fun gathering around a table and playing a friendly game!

5. This question comes to you courtesy of a Facebook friend, who once upon a time had a blog...When you're feeling stressed do you snack a lot or are you more the 'can't eat' type?

I tend to eat – a really bad habit!

6. Have you ever reviewed a product or service online?  Was your review favorable or less than favorable?

I’ve done several, mostly when I’ve used an online service.  Sometimes favorable, sometimes not – depends on if my needs are met.  Not sure that anybody actually listens to these things though, because nothing seems to change, despite hearing others that agree with my thoughts.  Oh, well!

7. What was the best conversation you had yesterday?

At a strata meeting, we had a general conversation about our strata and our finances and future.  Lots of good news, and great camaraderie, even when some disagreed.  It was actually very pleasant.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

‘Nuff said!

Happy day!                  Blessings, Peg

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