Monday, January 27, 2014

Cleaning house

It’s spring and typically a time to clean house.  When I clean house, this is not what it looks like:

It’s actually a lot more like this:

In reality, I no longer do the big spring or fall cleaning that I used to do.  I took a lesson from my mother, who cleans one room every month (now lives in a very small place so one a month gets her through her whole house twice a year).  I need to do one or two rooms a month to get through it all twice a year, but that’s okay as long as I don’t pair up the kitchen with any other room LOL!

I’m also a bit of a spot cleaner – I see a spot (cupboard, drawer, closet) that needs cleaning or organizing and clean it on the spot.  Which usually leads to cleaning another cupboard/drawer/closet or two or three, mostly because something has been put in the wrong spot, and when I move it to the right spot…..well you can probably guess how that goes!

A couple of days ago, I opened the drawers underneath our day bed in the spare room 025to look for some beads for a craft project; discovered things I’d completely forgotten I had, things that had been ‘put’ just to put somewhere, things that I used once and have no idea why I kept them, things that I have no idea what they could ever, ever have been used for, just stuff….so the cleaning began.  And the result:026

All my needlecraft, bead, and ribbon supplies are in the right-hand drawer; and painting supplies, tools, glues and such-like are in the left-hand drawer.  (The third drawer is actually for gift-wrapping supplies, and gets cleaned out every time I need to find a gift bag or wrapping paper).  If you look at the top picture again you’ll see a model ship that Grizz started too many years ago to count, and it got tucked away and somehow never came out again.  Well, it’s out now – here’s hoping he’ll get back to it.

In this same cleaning mood, I decided it was time to clean up the computer somewhat, specifically Blogger.  I’ve been noticing that I only hear from about 6-8 blogger friends on a regular basis, and that I’ve been feeling completely bogged down with trying to keep up with all the bloggers that I’ve been following.  So I started to check it out, and chuck it out.  From following something over 150 blogs, I’m down to 37.  Now that’s manageable. 

Happy de-cluttering!                     Blessings, Peg

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