Thursday, August 8, 2013

Infrared Receiver Extender Cable for HD DVR STB's *See Product Description for Compatibility*

  • 9 ft lead. 3.5mm gold plated stereo plug. Tip VCC 5V Center 'Data' sleeve 'ground'
  • Dark color lens makes this unit plasma proof and enhances product performance.
  • 35-40ft range from remote control to Ir receiver.
  • 3.3~5v 38kHz operating range. Compatible box list in product description.
  • Extend 25ft more with our 25ft. Ir Receiver Extension Cable

List Price: $24.99
Special Offer: check this out!

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Product Description
This Ir Receiver is made and sold Exclusively by Infrared ResourcesWORKS WITH VERIZION HD DVR QIP 7216 1,7232-P2,7100Cisco CHS435+HDC ,CH335+HDC HD DVR, Direct TV Model # H25-500LG LST-4600A HD converter boxMASSCOOL HS-MA105DC550D HDMI Switcher,Peerless HDS100 and IoGear Wireless Multimedia Kits,Thomson DCI1011com,PACE DC551P, PACE/Cisco,Pace DC700X Apache.RNG110,PACE/CiscoRNG150,RNG100,,RNG200N ( NOTE:RNG units need to be completely enclosed as the front ir sensor does not disable when ours is plugged in like other boxes do. The box will not operate properly unless the IR signal is received from only our receiver cable)PACE TDC787X HD,PACE TDC 575D DVR, DC50X,DCH100,DCX3300,DCX3400-M,DCX3416,DCX3425,DCX3432,DCX3501,MVIX 760 HD Media Player.DTA50WILL NOT WORK WITH LISTED BELOWWILL NOT WORK with any Samsung, Motorola DCT or DCH, Series,QIP2500, ,SA Explorer 4280 HDC, 8300HD,Cisco1642HDC,8742,Cisco 4742HDC Verizon Motorola QIP 6416-2 ,6000 series,Moto DCX3200-M,DCX3400,RNG200. DISH,Direct TV unless it is the H25-500 box DO NOT PURCHASE FOR any SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA boxes unless it is listed in the WORKS WITH above ( 1st Section).DO NOT PURCHASE FOR STEREO RECEIVERS(Harman-Kardon etc) or Ir Repeater systems such as Logitech etc.WILL NOT WORK WITH AV RECEIVERS(Panasonic, Harmon Kardon etc)!!!!! OR IR REPEATER SYSTEMS,or directly plugged into TV's (they require 12v receiver ours is 5V)Contact us if you do not see your make and model. Now you can place your Set Top box behind cabinet doors or other locations up to 9ft away by plugging the 3.5mm plug into the Ir port on the back of the box. We also have 25ft Stereo extension cable for our ir receiver.When the unit is plugged into the Ir port the Ir signal over rides to only the receiver eye. (except RNG boxes. They must be enclosed or black tape over the front IR sensor). Remote control must be pointed toward the round ir receiver. It will perform all functions of the remote control. plasma proof!

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